Wednesday, May 24

A Case of Botched Banana Bread

High Altitude Banana Bread by Rebecca Sherrow

I love a good mystery...but not when it comes to baking.

Everyone has their favourite banana bread recipe, it seems.  I'm no exception.  This is the one recipe to which I turn whenever there's a bunch of bananas turning brown on the counter.  But that wasn't always the case.  Baking in the mountains of Colorado is so different from baking at sea level.  When we first moved back here from the Florida coast I had a mystery on my hands.  If I were writing a book, I might call it, "The Curious Case of the Botched Banana Bread"...

I approached the ingredients in my favourite recipe as if they were the cast of characters in the novel:  Ms. Butter and Colonel Flour were discovered in the kitchen with a failed loaf of banana bread and a whisk.  An old banana peel was found on the floor between them.  Who caused the bread to sink?  Who sabotaged the crispy crust?