Friday, June 28

beautiful weekend

Welcome to the beautiful weekend!  This is my first time posting a favourites list, but honestly, I've been so inspired this week I thought it unfair not to.  These are just a few of the things that have brought beauty and light to my life this week.  I hope that you'll be inspired, too!

  • This watermelon and feta salad from Nigella.  I saw it on TV and thought, I must make that.  NOW.    It's bursting with  flavour combinations that you don't think will work, but they do!  Salty.  Sweet.  Tangy.  Fresh.  If you have a Fourth of July picnic planed, this would make show-stopping side.
  • It wouldn't be a picnic without a pitcher of sparkling Sangria.  But it doesn't have to be the headache inducing brew from the past.  Here are a few modern recipes to wet your appetite.
  • This post by Mimi Thorisson . . . . What can I say?  Don't we all wish we could explore a brocante deep in the most hidden regions of France?  Don't we all wish we could invest in an antique clock that doesn't work, just for the beauty of it?  Now, if only my children could eat Spider Crab . . . .
  • I just finished reading this book by Joanne Harris (the author of Chocolat).  If you love food, then you'll love the way she writes about it.  Though the story is not about food, there's a delicious sprinkling of food references throughout, like flakes of sea salt on top of a dark and chewy caramel. 
  • If you're a linguistic junkie, as I am, you may find this very interesting. 
  • And, I would be remiss if I didn't share this poem by Caitlin Van Horn.  From a gorgeous blog that's primarily dedicated to food, this was a beautiful surprise.  Play the music as you read.  You will be blown away!
I'd love to see what's moved you this week!  Please share your links here or on facebook!  Wishing you all a very lovely weekend!

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